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15 ก.ค. 2566

This is a Poem for Evan written by a close family friend Phil Harkins

It will be hard for a very long time...

Be brave, mentor, help others find joy

Look deeply... the secrets of being well

FInd passion on your carousel

Always be there for lunch and a chat

Reach out with a pat on the back

Embrace health, encourage friends

Explore ideas with charisma... to the end

Find meaning... do not settle for less

Appreciate, uncomplicate... Do not press

Stay curious, invite others for dinner

Discover, explore, be the winner

Take good care... be there for each other

Live life to the fullest for one another

Explore the outside - listen to the abound

Carry on.. listen for me.. I am around


27 มิ.ย. 2566

My sweet cousin. So devastated that you are gone. I’ll always remember you as a little boy, tagging along with all the big cousins, with a GIANT smile on your face. Up for ANYTHING. The littlest Chesapeake Bay tubing buddy…. holding live crabs….fishing off the dock. No fear. Evan led with pure love and joy for life, even from boyhood. Evan, I will miss you dearly and cherish many memories we have together.

It was such a beautiful service and I could feel him, even as I was far away. Sending so much love and light to my dear Thomas Family.

Annie and Taylor Kettler


Hojung Kim
Hojung Kim
26 มิ.ย. 2566

Just the other day I was thinking about Evan. I'd not kept in touch with him over the years and he came to mind. What was he doing? How was he? I hoped he was doing what he loved with people he cherished, and happy.

Even in hearing the tragic news just today, it seems that he continued to do just that, and sought adventure in the farthest corners of the world outdoors. I will remember Evan as a kind and warm friend who I was proud to call a brother during our time together in Cilley Hall all those years ago.

I had missed him many times since graduating and going out separate paths, and I will miss those conversations and times together when we were young even more.


26 มิ.ย. 2566

Dear Thomas family,

We are so sorry for your loss. Although we never met Evan, based on the beautiful remarks, he was clearly a remarkable person.

May you find comfort knowing his amazing spirit and soul will live on in all those fortunate to have known him.

May his memory forever be a blessing.

With love,

Ellen and Jonathan Broder


26 มิ.ย. 2566

Our son, Joe lived with Evan in CO Springs for a year. Joe spoke so highly of him and was so happy to have the chance to get to know him. We had the chance to meet Evan when we were visiting Joe. His kindness and warmth were so apparent. We are so sorry for your loss. Mary Ellen and Peter Carignan


22 มิ.ย. 2566

My wonderful nephew could light up the mountains with his smile, calm the seas with his heart and warm one’s soul with his enduring kindness. He brought happiness to all who knew him. God has another plan for you and we must trust in his grace. We cherish the years we had with you and will remember you in our hearts forever.

Ken & Bobbi Harris


20 มิ.ย. 2566

From Devon Shuman from Denver Colorardo.

I met Evan and began working with him over the

past year as our marketing team partnered with

the law firm he was employed at. As a paralegal,

Evan was working closely with me and my team

as we wrote and edited content for their website.

Of any of our clients, Evan was far and away the

most personable and engaged, and I was

constantly blown away by his friendly demeanor

in what can otherwise be a stressful and high-

pressure industry. While most clients wanted to

simply pay and see results, Evan was always

volunteering to support us and be involved

wherever he could, even writing beautiful and

elegant first drafts of content we'd feel bad about

having to edit down for marketing reasons. My

partner and I would joke that every time we read

one of his pieces, we wanted to shake him by the

shoulders and beg him to write that next great

American novel that he clearly had inside of him.

When I heard he was headed to Denali, I was not

surprised in the least - this was someone who

clearly had such a love and thirst for life, who

knew how to seek out beauty and camaraderie

wherever he could find it.

For someone who I only ever saw across a Zoom

screen, I'm just utterly floored by this loss. I know

the impact Evan had on me and my team as

barely-even colleagues, and I can't imagine the

pain felt by those who knew him better. Rest

easy, Evan.

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